Hen Night Sashes

Here in this category you can find a large number of Hen night sashes, which are available in black, white, silver and pink.

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When you are planning a hen night, why not add an accessory that will dress up the bride-to-be and even the bridesmaids so that everyone will know who they are when you hit the town. At Online Joke Shop we have a fabulous selection of bride-to-be hen night sashes in black, pink, silver, and red. We even have flashing sashes and a bridesmaid sash and you can get a hen night sash for each of the guests at the party too. These sashes look nice and are very noticeable so that when you are out on the town, everyone will know why and everyone will know who the lucky bride-to-be is. She will have a fantastic night, being doted on by everyone she meets and she might even get a few free drinks out of the deal.