Naughty Nibbles

In this section you can choose from a list of  naughty nibbles for Hen nights out with the girls.

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You simply can't go wrong with a group of women and chocolate. At Online Joke Shop we have a fabulous selection of naughty nibbles that will keep you giggling all night long. We have candy nipple tassles, a candy garter, a candy g-string, jelly boobs, and succulent hard boobs and willies. We also have willy shaped pasta and biscuits and peppermint peckers and boobs, but best of all is the chocolate. We have a naught chocolate lolly, cream filled chocolate willies, after dinner nipples, milk chocolate boobies, a chocolate sin tin, and after dinner chocolate willies. The bride-to-be and all the other guests will get a good laugh as they gobble up the chocolate. And you can send the bride-to-be home with strawberry body paint and strawberry nipple dust so that she can bring the party back to her groom – even if he has to wait until the wedding night.